Chimney Chickens Short - Sounds Like Work
After Buzz asks for help with the audio on his project, Blaze tries to convince him that it's unfair because sound is at least 51% of the movie.
Chimney Chickens - Meet The Fan-Girl: Maggie Tesla
Because of her relentless tenacity, whatever Maggie wants, Maggie gets (sooner or later!) Unfortunately she's got her eyes set on one thing: Buzz! Special thanks to Tay Collins for being the voice of Maggie! You can check out her artwork portfolio here: http://taycollins.carbonmade.com/
How to Deal With Life's Lemons
Blaze tries to make the best of things after life gives him a bunch of lemons!
Chimney Chickens Short - Cookin' With Love
Morton von Kaiser takes to the kitchen to share some personal insights for your baking!
Chimney Chickens - Meet The Magician: Ace Malmago
Friday night after school in the gymnasium is the place to be... you'll never want to miss one of Ace Malmago's weekly magic shows! Not because the tricks are amazing, mind you, but because Ace can never seem to get any of his tricks right!
Chimney Chickens - Meet The Schemer: Blaze Hanson
Blaze is Chimney Chicken High's wheeling-and-dealing greaser with no inhibitions. He says what he thinks. He does what he wants. And you never know what he's up to next!
Chimney Chickens - Meet The Genius: Buzz Watson
Chimney Chicken High's own Buzz Watson is nothing short of a straight-A genius, but school's hardly a breeze... 'cause when you've got all the answers, everyone's problems seem to fall squarely on your shoulders!
Chimney Chickens Pilot Episode - Date Envy
Fueled by jealousy, Blaze vows to get as many girls as the popular Dash O'Donnell. Between shady nonprofit organizations, deliberate car accidents, and stealing phone numbers from the office, his efforts not only manage to fall flat every time, but get him and his friend Buzz deep into trouble!
Chimney Chickens Short - Comeback King
In this short episode, Rob learns a new comeback from the internet and goes on a rampage harassing everyone in school! How do hall monitor Marshall and Private Perry stop the perfect comeback for everything?